African culture and its gradual extinction.

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Africa is blessed. one of the ways to know this is to observe closely the rich and colourful practices of her culture, from the Igbos, Efik, Yoruba, Tiv, Kanuris, Fulani, Idoma to the zulu, Kikuyu and Tumbuka to mention a few.

Each culture is unique in the styling of their clothing, combination of colours, festivals, language and rulership but presently, the African man does not seem to want a piece of his culture anymore.

It all started when the colonial masters came, saw and conquered the gods, which the people had always held in high hopes and esteem, with the help of those who had been culturally maligned.

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From that moment, any other language except the colonial masters own became VERNACULAR, cultural worship became PEGANISM and till this day the traditional wedding is not even recognized by the most religious house, that seem to be led by super human that constantly commune with the Supreme Being.

Africa has lost so much, although gained as well, my fear is just the constant downing of our own way of life. the only inspiration for us keeping our culture is when we see these foreigners come to observe how we do them and that should not be.

However, the extinction blame should not be laid sorely on them as our culture has to be adjusted to suit the 21st century and beyond, issues of human sacrifice should be hushed lest we constantly get condemned.

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