UBA opens Igbogbo To E.commerce.

United Bank of Africa (U.B.A) has opened an E-branch in Igbogbo. The branch, which is the first banking presence in the community after the defunct Savannah Bank left in 2009, has promised to boost development in the community through its various commercial activities.

The branch is located close to Igbogbo Secretariats and has facility to accept and disburse funds to customers who are already beginning to troop to the still – to – be completed complex, in order to use the functioning Automated Teller Machine (A.T.M).

A security, who pleaded anonymity, explained that the bank is making extreme effort to ensure they become fully functional before the end of the first quarter of this year (2017).

Prior to this new development, Igbogbo community members were usually travelling from their areas (Bayeku, Igbe, Oreta, Offin, Agunfoyen and Shelewu) to Ikorodu Central for any banking transaction.

Igbogbo can be located on the map by this link;

News story by; OKORAFOR ORJI


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