American Driver (The Review)

#Americandriver, is a 2017 comedy movie directed by Moses Inwang, featuring the likes of acting new comer – Evan King, who plays the main character (Jack Curry), Jim Iyke, Anita Chris, McPc, Nse Ikpe-Etim, Ayodeji Makun and a host of others. The 120 minutes movie, released under the stables of Sneeze Film, tells a story of a “crazy behaving” driver –  Jack.

His responsibility was to chauffeur Nigerian celebrities from an American airport to the venue of the annual GIAMA AWARDS in Texas, United States of America.

His crazy behaviour and how he responds to issues is what the movie centres around. The movie is funny and would definitely fetch a good laugh even to a dying and depressed man but one could easily notice that the A-list actors were not pushing themselves to make an award winning impact.

Compared to #30daysinatlanta, #Mrbean #weddingparty and other comedy movies I have seen, this isn’t very hilarious but definitely didn’t pack drab scenes at all, all its scene would either get you rolling with laughter or tuck a smile on your stubborn chin.

Much as I know the extreme effort that goes into casting, I think the movie had misplaced characters, for instance, A.Y and JIM IYKE’S role would have been better switched, though Jim came with his A-game, it was easy to tell that he was stiff to that role. An A.Y and Jack combination would have left us laughing out of spontaneous jokes by them both, which would definitely have made the movie more comical. 

Also, why would the movie take us through an interview of Jack and Sunny, when it would centre only around one of them, though the interviewing part was funny but it portrayed a competition between them both, which wasn’t the case.

In conclusion, the visuals, sound, camera angle, cast and #kerewu (in Jenifer’s voice) were on point and they really had that pinning effect. The movie is a very good choice to be seen at a cinema anytime but be mindful to not have over fed before going in, lest you throw up out of laughing yourself to scorn.

I sincerely think there is more to be done in the next #MosesInwang movie as he definitely should continue to aim higher now.