ICT (information and communication technology) is the revolutionary of our generation. it has changed the way we relate with one another and also the way millionaires are made. a deep, disciplined and dedicated act with ICT can just turn one into the latest millionaire in town.

WAEC Syllabus

unfortunately, most students still find it difficult to pass this subject. only few who register the subject for WAEC do have the C and above grade. the reasons, as observed, are as follows;

  1. Lack of discipline on the students part– most students want to have fun as soon as they touch a computer set, any instructions concerning power point, java, excel or word is seen as torment by the students.
  2. Poor or lack of facility – most schools in Africa that claims to have ICT facility might have a ratio of 1 computer to 15 students, how then do you want all of them to learn when the time is also limited.
  3. Electricity – its no news that so many countries in West Africa do not have stable electricity therefore when they have practical classes, there just might not be power to power the computer system.
  4. Lack of discipline on teachers part – talking from experience, facilities might be available but due to fear that students might damage this systems when used, the teachers might prefer to focus on only the theoretical topics like binary without ever touching the practical ones. this in the long run, kills a students motivation to learn ICT.

I am certain that if all this are corrected, then ICT will be enjoyed like burger among West Africa students.